"You can make a living or you can design a life" - Jim Rohn


Hi there! Watch this first...


This journey started for me when I realized that I have HUGE dreams, (like living in Maui part time... travelling the world whenever I feel like it... having the means to take care of my parents when they retire) ...like BIG stuff...and I knew that what I was doing and where I was working just wasn't going to cut it.  I needed to figure out, how I was going to build a business ONLINE that allowed me to do WHAT I LOVE TO DO and give me the time and financial freedom I desire.

"Have you had thoughts like this?"


Do you dream about where you want to be in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?


If this resonates with you, then keep reading...

This is the place to be for wellness-minded individuals who believe in the message of health while creating a lifestyle that you're completely obsessed with.

 [Hello, yearly tropical yoga retreats!]

People who partner with me are independent and business-minded, who want to improve their personal health, lifestyles and finances. In some cases they already have their own wellness business or they're just getting started or maybe they have no clue where to begin.  In any case, my team provides the absolute best mentoring and training to help you achieve your own personal wellness and financial goals.


While each one of us vary in our passions and what our goals look like... we do have one thing in common:  we have a passion for sharing the message of health and wellness; and a strong desire to create a life that sets our soul on fire! 


  • You’re a Health Coach, Yogi, Fitness Instructor, Nutritionist, Foodie, Stay-at-home mom, School Teacher, Business Professional, Therapist, Naturopath; or just a heart-centred soul looking to change lives.

  • You are ready to find YOUR TRIBE!  A group of like-minded women who are dedicated to creating a life that other people dream of.

  • You're an ambitious, driven, savvy women, looking to build a business or add-on to your current one.

  • You want to create an online business but have no idea where to start!

  • You want to create highly-sought after online programs for your clients.

  • You want to be part of something bigger in your life.

  • You believe in abundance and prosperity.

  • You're looking for an additional stream of income with a purposeful, passionate business model.   (either part-time, full-time or just to fill in the crack of time)




Why aren't we all running

like we are on fire towards

our wildest dreams?

Some of my amazing team members!

So what do all these online business babes know that you don't?

I'm sharing with you how we're creating time and financial freedom

with our online businesses, and more importantly how you can too.


Learn how to turn your passion and purpose into an online business!


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