Have you ever done a PERSONALITY TEST? Check out what an Enneagram test can tell you about yourself!

I'm a Type 3: The Achiever.

This was the first time I've done an Enneagram test before and DANG is it accurate!

This is from the Truity Test that I took (I'll link to it below)


"About the Enneagram:

The Enneagram is a personality system that aims to reveal how emotions drive our lives and how we engage with others in an effort to get what we want. It is derived from metaphysical concepts and has a strong spiritual element, with each of the nine types prone to its own set of spiritual "sins" or weaknesses of character.

Enneagram types are difficult to assess in a typical personality test because they often describe processes that we are not fully conscious of. In fact, our Enneatype may drive our behavior so deeply that we assume that the way we do and feel things is simply how everyone operates, when in fact it is characteristic of our type. For this reason, you will get more accurate results on an Enneagram test if you have done some self-reflection already.

Each of the nine types of the Enneagram has its own driving force, which is centered around a particular emotion. Some types experience strong emotions, while other types aim to avoid emotions in one form or another. However, whether running from emotions or diving into them, each type describes some aspect of emotional experience."

These are the 9 Types:

  • Type 1: The Perfectionist

  • Type 2: The Giver

  • Type 3: The Achiever

  • Type 4: The Individualist

  • Type 5: The Investigator

  • Type 6: The Loyalist

  • Type 7: The Enthusiast

  • Type 8: The Challenger

  • Type 9: The Peacemaker

According to the Enneagram Institute, here is a summary of a Type 3:

"Threes are self-assured, attractive, and charming. Ambitious, competent, and energetic, they can also be status-conscious and highly driven for advancement. They are diplomatic and poised, but can also be overly concerned with their image and what others think of them. They typically have problems with workaholism and competitiveness. At their Best: self-accepting, authentic, everything they seem to be—role models who inspire others."


I, of course thrive to be a "healthy three".   Because on the flip side, there's also some areas that three's need to be aware of.

Three's can also become so focused on ACHIEVING, that they forget to enjoy the ride.  It also reminded me to stay focused on my mission to serve OTHERS - and live in that lane, that I am here to help others find their fire.

The enneagram will give you 2 sides to each type: a "Healthy" and an "Unhealthy".  Because as you can imagine, any specific trait can be either a positive or a negative or somewhere in between depending on where you are on your personal development journey.

I really loved reading the results of my test and ultimately using it to better understand my strengths and weaknesses in order to continuing improving my life.

I've linked the Enneagram that I used here:


All in all, use it and take a step back and look at it critically to help you life your best life.

Take the test and let me know on instagram under my post what TYPE you are!

Can't wait to hear :)

To Coffee or Not to Coffee

One of the most commonly asked questions... can I drink coffee?

Coffee has such a bad reputation.  Here's what you need to know...

Coffee is one of the highest sources of anti-oxidants on the planet!  (there's a but...)

BUT it is also very acidic and can be taxing on your adrenals.  Coffee triggers your adrenal glands, which are responsible for releasing hormones that signal to your body to go into fight or flight mode...this is why many people feel an energy crash after drinking it, and you may even experience anxiety after drinking it.  


Experience this side effect long enough and you may end up with adrenal fatigue or adrenal burnout.

Coffee beans are also one of the most heavily sprayed crops (with pesticides) in the world.  This being said, it is a very wise decision to opt for ORGANIC whenever possible (and of course, free-trade).

Another cause for concern is what you're putting IN your coffee.  A general rule of thumb is, "the blacker, the better".  If you're a regular double/double type person, try switching to a plant-based milk (almond or oat milk) and use stevia instead of white sugar or simple syrup.

If you're feeling periods of higher stress, feeling agitated, or if you're having trouble losing weight - try reducing your caffeine intake.  

Try going down to 1 cup of organic, fair-trade coffee in the morning and then switch to an alternative for later in the day such as Matcha Green or Earl Grey Tea.

So while coffee can absolutely provide various benefits, it can also cause unnecessary harm on your system.

Listen to your body, it is always your best advisor! 

6 Ways to Wind Down

You just got home from a long, busy day.  You still have to make dinner, do laundry and feed your family.  The day feels 40 hours long and you feel exhausted.  By the time you finally hit the hay, it’s 11 pm, your mind is racing and you’re thinking about all of the to-do’s that tomorrow holds.  The clock is nearing midnight when your anxiety kicks in with the fear of insomnia....

Click on the image for the full article in The Good Life Magazine.

Do you use TIME as an excuse?



Do you use TIME as an excuse?


I hear this excuse a lot.  


People at the gym… sometimes clients… even just while out and about listening to people.


They say they “don’t have time.”


What people really mean is that it’s not their priority.  Or maybe it’s a proxy for “that sounds too hard”.


The next time you think to yourself or say to someone that you don’t have time… say “It’s not my priority right now”; and see how that feels; because 99% of the time, that’s what it really is!


It’s a bad habit to fall into!


Once you change your approach to not having enough time, you’ll end up changing your behaviour, changing your habits and changing your life. 

5 Books that Changed my Life

I was recently going through my bookshelf and thought to myself, WOW there are some amazing books here that have dramatically changed my life, my mindset and impacted the way I lead my life.

The craziest part...I never really considered myself "a reader" or "a book person".  Definitely not like my mom; she reads a book a week (at least!).  It took me a while to crack open my first books, but once I did, now I can't put them down.  Sometimes they are paperback and sometimes it's an audio book - I love both at different times!

I'm in a huge life chapter of personal growth, business growth and mindset mastery, so the majority of the books on my shelf are of that nature.  I enjoy books that open my mind to new thoughts, challenge my boundaries and expose me to bigger ideas and bigger ways of thinking.

Looking at my shelf, I only have ONE fiction book on it!!! But it's an amazing one - and I've listed it below.


1)  THE 5 AM CLUB by Robin Sharma (Get it here).

        "Own your morning, elevate your life".

2)  YOU ARE A BADASS by Jen Sincero​ (Get it here).

        "How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life."

3)  THE COMPOUND EFFECT by Darren Hardy (Get it here).

        "Jumpstart your income, your life, your success"

4)  THE FOUR AGREEMENTS by Don Miguel Ruiz (Get it here).

        "A practical guide to personal freedom."

5)  THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill​ (Get it here)

        "13 step formula to help you to: identify your goals and master the secret of true success."

My one fiction book:

THE ALCHEMIST by Napoleon Hill  (Get it here)

        "Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery."

I'd love to hear if you're familiar with any of these reads?  

Which ones did you love and what are you reading right now?

Happy reading :)


It's Time to Simplify! - The Good Life Magazine May/June 2019

Two of the most powerful words "I AM" - The Good Life Magazine March/April 2019

Keeping Your Goals in Sight

My latest piece for The Good Life Magazine - pick up your own hard copy from any of their 7 locations in the Okanagan and Lower Mainland!

'Tis the season... to keep your mind merry and bright!

I've just returned home from a week in New York City and it just so happened to also be the American Thanksgiving and the big Black Friday weekend.  I sat back a few times to watch the world go by and watched the holiday craze around me.  It was in one of these moments that I decided to myself that I wasn't going to let the usual holiday stress get to me this year.  


The very first thing I decided I needed to change was my expectations... of myself.  The holiday season can be extremely busy.  Social engagements, hosting duties, gatherings, writing cards, decorating etc... all while juggling "regular-life" duties, like household chores, work, home, fitness, self care.  (children if you have them!)  It's no wonder that people come out of the holidays depressed, burnt out and even more stressed than before.

Here are 3 things I'm doing this year to help keep my mind merry and bright:

1) Make yourself a priority (even more so than usual).  This next month before Christmas, print out a calendar and schedule your workouts.  These are non-negotiable.  Taking care of yourself needs to be your #1 priority, especially as things get busier.  Exercise is proven to help to reduce cortisol, increase endorphins and increase energy to help you get all the things you need to get done, done.  30-40 minutes is all you need.  No excuses.

2) Say NO.  Are you the "yes" girl?  You just can't miss a party or you'll have FOMO?  This season, don't be scared to turn down a party or 2.  You do not need to go to every single office party, friends luncheon, champagne brunch, Christmas light up etc... give yourself permission to say no.  Do the things you want to do because you enjoy them, not because you feel that you "have to" to do them.

3) Being present.  Every year I feel goes by a bit faster.  This year my goal is to really be present, to enjoy and really take it all in... all the good stuff that this season has to offer.  Focus on all the goodness around me and slow down.  Take time to disconnect from social media and refocus on my intentions.

Taking time to slow things down this holiday season, will only help you take on the New Year with renewed energy and be able to tackle all of your goals in 2019.

What are things that you're doing to make sure your stress levels stay in check?

Have plans for the New Year?  Join my Vision Boarding Workshop this January, click here to be alerted of the event date.

Are crystals woowoo?

I got my very first crystal this weekend!  

Why did I get it?  

I kept seeing one of my mentors incorporate crystals into her practice and talk about the energy she's attracting to her business.  I did at one point think it was a little woohoo but energy is real thing, so why not!  

Here is an article I found on MindBodyGreen explaining the benefits and powers of crystals:

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have used crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages. Since crystals come from the earth, when they're placed on your body, they help you connect to the planet's healing energy, leaving you feeling more relaxed and balanced. Each crystal has unique properties and energies to heal different aspects of your life.

Below are ten crystals you can use to improve your health and happiness!

1. Turquoise helps you heal. 

Turquoise is the master healer. It is believed to be the energetic bridge between heaven and earth. Since ancient times, it's been highly regarded for its protective and good-luck-charm properties. It's believed that when Turquoise is given as a gift, its healingproperties are magnified by one hundred! Turquoise is a stone of communication that helps you to speak your truth, from the highest source of love.

2. Bloodstone gives you energy.

In ancient times, Bloodstone was often worn as an amulet to help purify the blood. When our blood and energy is flowing smoothly, our life force remains strong and healthy. This crystal is a powerful energizer, helping you to overcome lethargy, negative thoughts and self-doubt. Bloodstone also helps to boost enthusiasm, increase drive and maintain emotional wellbeing.

3. Smoky quartz helps you let go.

Smoky quartz transmutes negative energy and acts as a protective shield against unwanted energy. It helps you to let go of old patterns and belief systems that are holding you back. It releases all blocked, old and stagnant energy in the body. Once all of your old energy is removed, new energy is able to fill the open space with light and hope.

4. Rose quartz cultivates love.

Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love that helps to open and heal the energy of the heart. It encourages the forgiveness of others and, most importantly, of yourself. The secret to finding true love is to love yourself. Rose quartz emits vibrations of love, beauty and compassion. It's a feel-good stone that nurtures, supports and allows you to feel the most powerful energy in the universe: LOVE.


5. Carnelian is good for creativity. 


Ancient civilizations believed that carnelian attracted fortune and helped you attract your deepest desires. It removes blocked or stuck creative energy that may be dominating your mind and leaving you feeling burnt out or uninspired. Its vibrant orange color stimulates your passion to move forward and achieve your dreams. Carnelian is an action stone that restores motivation, confidence and joy.


6. Quartz crystal works wonders in clearing the mind. 


Quartz crystal is made of silica, the most abundant element on the earth. It also makes up the human body, on a cellular level. When quartz crystal touches your skin, a merging of energy occurs, which is believed to encourage optimal health and healing. Ancient civilizations utilized quartz to balance the body and clear the mind. It's a powerful crystal that transmutes negativity and amplifies energy to raise your vibration and help you align with light and clarity.


7. Celestite relieves stress. 


Celestite's name is derived from the Latin word caelestis, meaning celestial. By simply gazing upon it, the heavenly blue color of this crystal inspires deep peace and happiness. It's an ideal crystal to place in your bedroom to bring tranquility and harmonious energy, encouraging restful sleep. When placed directly on your body, celestite brings muscle and stress release to the area on which it is placed.


8. Citrine helps to live in the now. 


Citrine is a crystal of light and happiness. It doesn't hold any negative energy and emits large amounts of positive energy. It serves as a friendly reminder to be present and in the now, because in this moment, you can create miracles. Citrine is a manifestation stone that encourages you to dream big, maintain a positive state of mind and attract everything you want in your life.

9. Aventurine attracts new opportunities. 

Aventurine helps you to overcome feelings of self-doubt. It opens up the energy of the heart, attracting new opportunities. It helps to increase confidence, self-worth and optimism. As your mind and energy field open up, you are able to see the infinite abundance and opportunities that surround you.

10. Shungite protects against EMF. 

Believed to be millions of years old, Shungite is an ancient crystal that is found in Russia. Scientists are still currently researching the full potential of this magical mineral. It's utilized as a powerful shield against electrical magnetic energy (EMF). Shungite helps to absorb negative energy and pollutants. Place a piece of Shungite next to computers or wear on your body as an energetic shield.

Article end.

So what do you think -  Do you believe in the power of crystals?  Do you currently use them?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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