In my Health Coaching practice, this is something I get asked about ALL. THE. TIME. For a very long time, my personal beliefs were that you didn’t need a supplement if you were “eating healthy” – and that’s actually the way I was raised as well. We never had vitamins as kids growing up, because “we got it from our food”.

Well, after years of studying nutrition, graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and following Dr. Mark Hymans teachings – turns out I was wrong.

And I’ll tell you why.

First off, there are a few points that are of critical importance for you to note.

Nothing replaces a healthy diet.

Your body needs a balanced, healthy diet loaded with whole, fresh and nutrient dense ingredients. However, the reality is, is that it’s nearly impossible to get the required amount of nutrients that your system needs from food alone. You can certainly get the basic amount to stay alive but you are definitely not getting what you need to THRIVE and be the healthiest version of you possible. There are so many factors that come into play here – lifestyle, stress, work, environment etc. Your supplements are what fills in all the cracks on a cellular level – think of it as an insurance policy for your system. An additional note to make is, that the quality of our soils where our food is grown, is just not the same as it once was. The world is so over-populated that the food growers of the world are mass-producing everything which is deteriorating the quality of food. (shop at your local farmers markets when you can!)

Not all supplements are created equal.

This is the number one reason that people think that supplement don’t work; it’s because a lot of them actually don’t. It’s no different than any other industry. There are products in every industry that are all fluff and no quality or scientific based research behind them… and it’s no different in the supplement industry. For example, those big giant bottles of some of the biggest name brands that you can buy are most likely not doing anything for you. LIFE TIP: if you’re buying vitamins from the same store that you buy TV’s from or the same place that you buy no-name groceries from – it’s likely you are actually wasting your money. Even worse than that – there are many supplements out there that are not regulated and are full of toxins, contaminants, fillers and artificial ingredients. (for example, fish oil, your Omega 3 supplement could be highly contaminated with mercury if not distilled properly.)

So do your research!

My best advice for sourcing out the best supplements are:

  • Check the potency and pureness of the ingredients.
  • Has it been clinically tested for absorbability.
  • Is there a purity and potency guarantee on the bottle.
  • Has it been clinically tested for absorbability. (what’s the point in taking them if your body can’t absorb them.)
  • Are they manufactured by the company themselves or outsourced.
  • Are they using pure, raw ingredients or synthetic.
  • One-a-day’s don’t cut it – so don’t even go there.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I am a huge fan and a raving partner of USANA Health Sciences, who is my exclusive product partner for all of these reasons listed above. They are one of the only companies that have received the 5 Star rating in the Comparative Guide To Nutritional Supplements, they are pharmaceutical grade (most are food grade) and are manufactured to the highest of quality standards using the best raw ingredients possible.


You’d have to eat 22,000 calories per day and spend more than $33 per day to get the same amount of nutrients found in a daily dose of USANA’s Cellsentials Multivitamin? Crazy right!

I started using USANA’s products in 2015 and I haven’t gone a day without them ever since. I can truly say that I can feel a difference in my energy, my immune system, my skin, hair + nails, and in my mental clarity and overall wellbeing.

If you’re new to this world, here is where I suggest you start:

  • start with introducing just the USANA Cellsentials Multivitamin. This will go a long way.
  • if your diet doesn’t include omega-3 rich foods every day (fish, salmon, chia seeds) then add in the BiOmega Fish Oil.
  • Probiotics, for a healthy digestive tracks. And these ones don’t need to be refrigerated, they are dairy and sugar free.
  • Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) – which is actually a hormone! Vitamin D deficiency causes depression, hair loss, bone loss, fatigue and muscle pain.

This is my personal routine; and is a great foundation for anyone!

In the evening I add in:

  • Melatonin. Which is naturally occurring already in your body and helps you to fall asleep.
  • Magnesium. Most women are deficient in. This one is (Magnesium plus calcium plus vitamin D).

If you’re new to taking vitamins, this may sound like a lot – but trust me, it’s not!

If you have any other questions about this or other products you may be using, feel free to reach out to me anytime